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Memorandum and agreements on closer HK/Shenzhen co-operation


The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang, and the Mayor of Shenzhen, Mr Li Hongzhong, held the Shenzhen/Hong Kong co-operation meeting at Government House this (June 17) morning. The two sides signed a memorandum on enhancing co-operation and eight co-operation agreements on areas covering legal services, industry and trade, investment promotion, economic and trade exchange, and tourism and hi-tech. The main points are as follows:

Memorandum on Closer Co-operation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

To facilitate the implementation of Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) and expedite the implementation of co-operation initiatives agreed at the Sixth Plenary of Hong Kong Guangdong Joint Co-operation Conference (Joint Conference) in relation to Hong Kong and Shenzhen under the framework of Hong Kong/Guangdong co-operation, the Hong Kong and Shenzhen authorities signed this memorandum to enhance further co-operation.

The Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government will steer and foster co-operation between the two places, and report the co-operation results to the Joint Conference.

Salient points of the memorandum:

* To promote long-term prosperity in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, both sides agreed to strengthen co-operation to complement each other for mutual benefit and economic prosperity.

* Both sides will expedite the implementation of appropriate measures in Hong Kong and Shenzhen under the framework of CEPA to accumulate necessary experience for the full implementation of CEPA in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

* Both sides will continue to take forward the development of control points and cross-boundary infrastructure projects to further improve transport facilities and operational efficiency at control points.

* Both sides will endeavour to step up co-operation in trade and commerce.

* Shenzhen will allow Hong Kong investors to invest, develop, operate and manage its infrastructure, public utilities and other projects. Will facilitate the entry of Hong Kong's professional services such as design, management, advisory, assessment, legal and accounting services.

* To step up the synergetic pooling of logistics resources such as ports and airports in order to strengthen the Pan-PRD regional logistics system with Hong Kong as the core for linking with the global market and the rest of the Mainland.

* To step up visits and exchanges between travel agents in the two places to facilitate joint tourism promotion.

* To establish coordination mechanism for joint development of technological co-operation programmes.

* Both sides will forge closer tie in ecological and environmental protection by making joint efforts in monitoring air and marine pollution and making timely exchanges of information on ecological and environmental protection.

* Both sides will step up exchanges in government legal matters, amenity and environmental hygiene management, as well as traffic and city management.

* Both sides will enhance education and cultural exchanges and co-operation.

Agreement on Legal Services Co-operation

* Both sides agreed to forge closer co-operation and facilitate further exchanges and development in professional legal services in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

* To make exchanges of necessary legal information and to explore the establishment of a system to disseminate information on the demand for legal professionals in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

* To commence business exchanges between the legal service sectors in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

* To strengthen legal service training in Hong Kong and Shenzhen with a view to promoting mutual understanding and enhancing the service quality of legal profession in both places.

* To establish a mechanism to study CEPA and follow up on its implementation in Shenzhen.

* To facilitate exploration and discussion on mutual recognition of professional degrees and practicing qualifications of legal practitioners in both places.

* To encourage and foster co-operation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen legal practitioners regarding their involvement in major projects in Shenzhen.

Agreement on Co-operation between Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department and Shenzhen Bureau of Trade and Industry

* To establish a mechanism to exchange information on CEPA implementation and map out co-operation plan.

* To link up respective websites for business information sharing.

* To co-organize seminars for dissemination of Hong Kong's and Shenzhen's economic and trade information.

* To strengthen information exchanges on compliance with WTO Agreements, and exchanges on the handling of anti-dumping, safeguard and countervailing measures.

* Both sides provide reciprocal treatment to facilitate trade and investment activities for companies operating in both places.

Agreement on Investment Promotion Co-operation

* To hold joint working meeting annually.

* Both sides agree to keep each other's information materials in their own overseas offices, and make referrals for enquiries relating to the other party. Establish a hyper-link with each other's website.

* To co-edit and publish promotional materials like Hong Kong - Shenzhen Investment Guide.

* To co-organize overseas and local investment promotional activities including trade negotiations, exhibitions and seminars.

* To facilitate the trade and investment activities of each other's enterprises in one's own region.

Agreement on Closer Trade and Commerce Exchanges and Co-operation

* To organize trade delegations to Hong Kong and Shenzhen on an irregular basis for, among others, study visit, trade negotiations and economic co-operation.

* To organize overseas activities to promote the Hong Kong - Shenzhen business model on an irregular basis.

* To foster exchange of business information by providing advice on investment environment and relevant policy and legislation for business and industrial sectors in both places.

Agreement on Tourism Co-operation

* To make strenuous efforts to step up co-operation and communication for a greater flow of visitors between Hong Kong and Shenzhen and to help promote tourism in both places.

* To put in place communication channels for regular sharing of information and experience with a view to opening up new tourism markets.

* To support business exchanges, study missions and familiarization visits, as well as promotional and information exchange activities between tourism industry in the two places for enhanced participation by the travel trade.

Agreement on Closer Tourism Market Management Co-operation

between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

* To strengthen co-operation and communication between tourism industry in Hong Kong and Shenzhen with a view to maintaining market order and furthering the development.

* To step up information sharing and coordination for a better flow of visitors during the Mainland's Golden Week holidays and establish an interactive response mechanism to facilitate clearance of Hong Kong and Shenzhen package tours.

* To protect visitor interests by joining hands in cracking down on unscrupulous travel agencies and infringements of the due rights of visitors.

* To jointly publicize the market rules of Hong Kong and Shenzhen tourism.

* To arrange travel agencies in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to take part in visitor exchange programmes with their counterparts in Europe, United States, Japan and Korea.

Agreement on Technological Exchanges and Services Co-operation

* Productivity (Shenzhen) Consulting Co. Ltd. to be included in the "Shenzhen International Technology and Business Platform" of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park to facilitate scientific and technological exchanges and co-operation.

* Hong Kong Productivity Council to provide services on product development, application of manufacturing technology and transfer of technology.

* To co-organize training programmes on technology and corporate management, and to explore co-operation in enhancing competitiveness of enterprises.

Agreement on Strategic Co-operation between

Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park and Cyberport Management Co Ltd

* To encourage hi-tech enterprises in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to form joint ventures and engage in exchange of talents.

* To establish channels for information sharing, business co-operation and flow of personnel on the basis of the existing information networks and resources of the two industrial parks to develop both of them into the top digital parks in the world.

* Areas of co-operation include:

Information flow - development of information network and platform

Business flow - setting up of liaison offices in each other's areas

Personnel flow - facilitating a smooth flow of personnel and goods between the two industrial parks

IT commercialization - development and testing of innovative IT applications

Exchange of talents - strengthening training and exchange of talents

Marketing - organizing joint promotional activities

Information services for SMEs - exchange publications and setting up web site for information sharing for SMEs

Note: Enquiries on the agreements could be made by contacting relevant policy bureaux/departments.

Ends/Thursday, June 17, 2004


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