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New launches boost operational efficiency of marine police


The latest addition to the fleet of the marine police epitomised the Hong Kong Police Force's determination to enhance its front-line policing services, said the Commissioner of Police, Mr Lee Ming-kwai, during the commissioning ceremony for two Keka class launches today (May 5).

"The marine police is the Force's major law enforcement agency on Hong Kong waters and great importance is attached to upgrading its equipment and constantly enhancing its operational efficiency to maintain law and order on the sea," he added.

Each of the new Keka launches measures 30 metres in length and 6.3 metres in width and has a displacement of 110 tonnes. It can reach a maximum speed of 27 knots.

Made of aluminium alloy, the vessel is noticeably lighter and consumes one-fifth less fuel than police launches of a similar size.

Sophisticated facilities installed on board range from radar, thermal imager, global positioning system (GPS) to electronic chart and navigation equipment.

In addition, the wheelhouse's 360-degree panoramic field of vision put officers in good command of what is going on in surrounding waters.

To better cope with the needs of police operations, the new launches are equipped with hydraulic cranes to facilitate launching and retrieving of speedboats.

Today's ceremony at Joss House Bay was also officiated by Acting Marine Regional Commander, Mr Peter Burbidge-King.

Keka class launches were brought in to replace Damen class patrol launches which have been in service for the past 20 years. The first two Keka launches were introduced in late October 2002 and have since demonstrated their efficiency during the operations of marine police.

Police Report No. 3

Issued by PPRB

End/ 1515 hours, Wednesday, May 5, 2004 (LC/WL)



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