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Broadcast of Budget Speech delivery on electronic media


The delivery of the 2004-05 Budget Speech by the Financial Secretary, Mr Henry Tang, at 2.30pm tomorrow (March 10) in the Legislative Council will be broadcast live by the electronic media.

Following his delivery of the Budget Speech, the Financial Secretary will hold a press conference around 5pm and participate in a joint television panel discussion titled "Budget Forum" at 8.30pm tomorrow. These will be broadcast on TV and radio channels.

Members of the public may watch the broadcast of the speech and his subsequent activities live with a simple click into the Government's Budget website:

The Financial Secretary and other officials will take part in media programmes after the Budget Day.

Following is the time-table for the broadcast:

March 10 (Wednesday)


Live broadcast of Budget Speech delivery at 2.30pm




ATV-Home and ATV-World

Cable TV News Channel 1

Pheonix Infonews Channel

TVB-Jade and TVB-Pearl


Commercial Radio AM864

Metro Finance

RTHK Radio 1, 3, 5 and Putonghua Channel

Live broadcast of press conference around 5pm



Cable TV News Channel 1

TVB-Jade and TVB-Pearl


RTHK Radio 1, 3, 5 and Putonghua Channel

Joint television panel discussion "Budget Forum"


  Channels                    Time 
  --------                    ---- 
  ATV-Home                    9.35pm (in Nicam)
  Cable TV News Channel 1     8.30pm (live broadcast in 
                              1am on March 11 (in Nicam)
  TVB-Jade                    10.35pm (in Nicam)
  TVBN                        8.30pm (live broadcast in 
  RTHK Radio 2                8.30pm (live broadcast)

March 11 (Thursday)


Financial Secretary to attend the following phone-in programme:


Channels                 Time     Programme
--------                 ----     ---------
RTHK Radio 1, 3, 5 and   7.30am   Financial  Secretary's
 Putonghua Channel                Phone-in

Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury(SFST), Mr Frederick Ma, will appear on the following media programmes:


  Commercial Radio FM881       6.30pm        Close Encounter 
                                            of the Political 
  ATV-Home                     7pm          RTHK's programme 
                                            "LegCo Review"
  Cable TV                    8.30pm        RTHK's programme 
  News Channel 1                            "LegCo Review"

Members of the public may access the Government's Budget website through the 100 computer terminals at the Home Affairs Department's Super Cyber Centre at Canton Road Government Offices, Kowloon; and the Community Cyber Points in the 18 districts. The Super Cyber Centre will be open till 10pm on March 10.

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