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Tenders awarded for Petrol Filling Station sites


Further to the invitation of tenders for five Petrol Filling Station sites in June 2003, the Lands Department announced today (September 5) that tenders for four Petrol Filling Station sites have been awarded individually as follows:

                                                    Tender Price
         Lot Number        Company Name              (HK$)
         ----------        ------------           -----------
  (i)   New Kowloon       China Resources        $45,500,000 
        Inland Lot         Petrochems  (Group)
        No. 6409           Company Limited
  (ii)  Sha Tin Town     ExxonMobil Hong Kong    $84,318,000 
         Lot No. 484      Limited
  (iii) Tsing Yi Town   ExxonMobil Hong Kong     $40,638,000
         Lot No. 170      Limited
  (iv)   Chai Wan         ExxonMobil Hong Kong   $64,038,000
          Inland Lot      Limited
          No. 171
                                          Total   $234,494,000

"The Central Tender Board has given authority to the Lands Department to award the above four sites to the highest tenderer in each instance, however no satisfactory tender was received for the fifth site at Tung Chung Town Lot No. 9," a Lands Department spokesman said.

"No tenders on the basis of a single amount of tender premium for the purchase of all the five sites collectively as one package were received, although this was an option available to potential tenderers, " the spokesman added.

The facilities to be built at New Kowloon Inland Lot No. 6409 must be brought into operation by 30 September, 2006; and by 30 September, 2005 for Sha Tin Town Lot No. 484, Tsing Yi Town Lot No. 170 and Chai Wan Inland Lot No. 171.

"Except for the site at Sha Tin, facilities for the supply of liquefied petroleum gas are also required to be provided at each of the three sites for which tenders were awarded," the spokesman said. The other tenderers in alphabetical order are as follows: -

(i) New Kowloon Inland Lot No. 6409

(a) ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited

(ii) Sha Tin Town Lot No. 484

(a) China Resources Petrochems(Group) Company Limited

(b) Shell Developments (HK) Limited

(iii) Chai Wan Inland Lot No. 171

(a) Feoso Oil Limited

(b) Shell Developments (HK) Limited

(iv) Tung Chung Town Lot No. 9

(a) Feoso Oil Limited

End/Friday, September 5, 2003


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