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Statement by Secretary for Security


Following is the text of a statement made by the Secretary for Security, Mrs Regina Ip, on her resignation:

Dear citizens of Hong Kong,

As you are probably aware, I have on June 25 given notice of my resignation from the post of Secretary for Security in accordance with the provisions governing resignation in the contract for Principal Officials. My decision to resign is entirely due to personal reasons. The Chief Executive has accepted my resignation and I will leave my post as Secretary for Security with effect from July 25.

I am most grateful for the Chief Executive's support for and trust in me during my five-year tenure as Secretary for Security. I wish also to thank all the Secretaries and Directors of Bureaux, colleagues in my Bureau, the disciplined services, auxiliary services and those in other bureaux and departments with whom I have worked, for their support and assistance during the past five years. I would like to thank Members of the Legislative Council and the press for their enthusiasm in discussing, debating and reporting security issues. Last but not the least, I wish to thank those members of the public who have stood by me throughout the years for their unfailing support.

I deeply regret that the legislative work to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law to protect national security is not completed as scheduled. As a Chinese national and the Secretary for Security, I sincerely believe I have a responsibility to actively promote this highly important legislative task. I feel deeply honoured that I have had an opportunity to take part in this historic legislative work during my tenure as Secretary for Security. In formulating the proposals, we have tried our best to strike a balance between protecting national security and safeguarding Hong Kong people's rights and freedoms. I firmly believe that the National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill, with the various amendments proposed by the Government, will be able to achieve this goal. I also believe that the efforts made in the past 10 months will lay a good foundation for the eventual passage of the Bill. I am confident that my successor will be able to accomplish this task in good time.

Mrs Regina Ip

Secretary for Security

End/Wednesday, July 16, 2003


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