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Tai O Development - Sheltered Boat Anchorage contract awarded


The Director of Civil Engineering, Mr Tsao Tak-kiang, today (February 12) signed a contract of about $259 million with China Harbour Engineering Company (Group) for the development of a sheltered boat anchorage and associated facilities in Tai O.

The works under the contract will include the construction of a sheltered boat anchorage area to meet the local demand for safe mooring of fishing boats and other vessels in Tai O, especially during typhoons. The four-hectare anchorage area is capable of accommodating 110 vessels.

The works will also include the construction of a waterfront promenade with landing steps for access by sea and site formation works for a future transport terminal to serve local villagers and Tai O visitors.

The Civil Engineering Department will also modify the existing disused salt pans in Tai O and make them suitable for replanting about seven hectares of mangroves. The mangrove habitat will enhance local ecology as the area will become a feeding and nursery ground for a wide range of inter-tidal animals, which in turn will benefit other terrestrial and aquatic wild life.

The department will also restore a historical seawall structure which has been there for more than 80 years around the previous salt pans. A footpath will be provided on it to facilitate public access and visits to the mangrove habitat. The restored seawall together with the mangrove habitat will become valuable attributes of Tai O for visitors who are interested in eco-tourism and cultural heritage.

The works will commence next week for completion by mid-2005. About 130 new jobs will be created for 24 professional and technical staff and 106 construction workers.

End/Wednesday, February 12, 2003


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