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Transcript of the Acting SETW


Following is a transcript of a stand-up briefing by the Acting Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works, Mr Stephen Lam Sui-lung, after a meeting of the Legislative Council's Transport Panel today (July 24):

Acting Secretary: First of all, I would like to stress again our appreciation of the Legislative Council members for their forbearance, patience and time that they have given to us in the last two weeks and have met on four occasions to deal with this particular items of the Disneyland Rail Link. I would also like to emphasis that we are acting in the overall interest of Hong Kong in pursuing this development. We believe it is important to Hong Kong, for Disneyland and for the associated infrastructure items to be implemented as soon as possible, so that there will be economic development, there will be promotion of tourism, and there will be creation of employment. I also welcome the fact that the Sub-committee of the Transport Panel has affirmed their supporting principle for the development of this rail link. Due to the fact that the MTR Corporation has to observe its own commercial sensitivity and protect its own company's interest, it has not been possible for the full set of accounts and financial documents to be disclosed to the Legislative Council today as regards the assessment of the financial support which the Government is giving to this development. And in that sort of circumstances, it is very understandable that members have expressed reservation about the scope and scale of the Government's financial support . But I emphasis that the timely opening of the Disneyland theme park and the timely completion of the associated infrastructure projects are important and therefore the SAR Government would pursue the project and associated items with full commitment and will make every endeavour to ensure that the project goes ahead and completes on time.

Reporter: (question inaudible .....)

Acting Secretary: Well, the Sub-committee of the Transport Panel has expressed their support in principle for the Disneyland Rail Link to be developed. I think it is widely appreciated in this Council and in the wider community that Disneyland theme park is important for Hong Kong's economic development and tourism promotion. We act in the overall interest of the community and we act within the law. But I have to say, in view of the fact that members have not been able to see the full set of accounts and financial forecasts, their reservations expressed today are very reasonable and understandable.

(Please also see the Chinese portion)

End/Wednesday, July 24, 2002


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