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Voluntary recall of mobile phone charger


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (March 18) urged consumers, for safety reasons, to stop using immediately the chargers that are supplied with certain models of Trium mobile phones.

The appeal was made after EMSD noticed an overseas recall announcement of the concerned mobile phone chargers.

According to the supplier, Trium Telecom Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd., the top casing of the charger may separate from the 3-pin base when unplugged from mains socket. This may expose the live parts and pose risk of electric shock to users.

The recalled chargers, with serial numbers ascending from "0105......", are marked with "MADE IN PHILIPPINES" and "MODEL: TA3061-UK" on the label.

The recalled chargers were supplied as accessory of certain models, including "Mars", "Eclipse" and "Neptune", of Trium mobile phones since September last year.

Consumers are advised to return these chargers to the supplier as soon as practicable. The supplier will provide a new charger for replacement. Before unplugging the charger, for safety reason, the consumers are advised to switch off the electricity supply to the socket outlet.

Details of the recall can be obtained by calling the hotline of the supplier's local authorized agent, Ryoden International Limited, at 2510 1750.

End/Monday, March 18, 2002


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