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Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme for Petrol Passenger Cars


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (February 22) extended the scope of its voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (EELS) to cover petrol passenger cars, the first time vehicles was incorporated in the scheme.

Under the scheme, manufacturers, importers and local agents of petrol passenger cars are invited to apply for energy labels that serve to inform consumers of the fuel consumption and efficiency of different makes of cars available in the market. As the scheme is based on a unified test standard, consumers will be able to compare fuel consumption among different cars with confidence, and select ones which use less fuel, thereby contributing to the reduction of the emission of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The scheme also aims to provide a stimulant for phasing out the manufacture, import and use of less energy efficient cars from the market.

By joining this scheme, participants can keep pace with the international trend which calls for the use of energy labels. Similar fuel economy labels already exist in Canada, Australia, Korea and many European nations.

Since the EELS was first launched in 1995, it was initially only applicable to household appliances. The scheme was extended to cover office equipment in December 2000. Having noticed the high energy usage in the transport sector, EMSD decided to extend the EELS to cover the transport sector and the present scheme was targeted at petrol passenger cars which make up the majority of the registered vehicles in Hong Kong.

To qualify for labelling, test reports of fuel consumption should be issued by laboratories that are responsible for national type approval tests with regard to vehicle emission and fuel consumption.

Test results submitted by the manufacturers' in-house laboratories where tests had been evaluated and certified by internationally recognised third party certification organisations will also be considered.

EMSD will carry out random checks on registered and unregistered cars and take necessary action to ensure effective operation of the scheme. EMSD will also de-register any non-compliant cars from the scheme.

Enquiries about the scheme can be made in writing to the Energy Efficiency Office of the EMSD on the 11th floor, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay or by calling 2881 1562. Information about the scheme is also available at the EMSD homepage:

End/Friday, February 22, 2002


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