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Joint recruitment for SDU and ASU


A joint initiative by Special Duties Unit and Airport Security Unit of the Force to merge existing recruitment programmes will further increase career options for future applicants.

The amalgamation will also further facilitate inter-unit transfers, without duplication of the selection and training process, whilst also broadening the recruitment base.

Special Duties Unit Commanding Officer Superintendent Danko Au Yeung said: "Previously, SDU and ASU ran completely separate recruitment exercises. However, we came to the realisation that both units ran the risk of losing potential candidates due to time constraints on applicants wishing to be considered for either unit.

"We also conducted a feasibility study into the viability of conducting a joint recruitment programme. This confirmed common selection criteria in areas such as physical fitness, leadership, self-reliance and decisiveness. As a result we have formulated selection criteria that satisfies the requirements of both units."

Candidates who successfully complete the pre-selection process, medical examination and a four-day selection programme will then attend a six-week Specialist Unit Basic Training (SUBT) course covering a range of topics including physical fitness training, weapons training, tactics and Close Quarter Containment.

Upon completion of SUBT, candidates may choose to attend either ASU Advanced Training or SDU Advanced Selection. Candidates who successfully complete ASU Advanced Training will join ASU Operational Teams. Officers who pass SDU Advanced Selection will go on to attend its advanced training and then join its operational teams.

Candidates who fail to complete SDU Advanced Selection but have met the requirements in the initial four-day Specialist Unit Basic selection and six-week SUBT will still be qualified to attend ASU Advanced Training.

The joint recruitment programme will also contribute to the efficient use of manpower. Training programmes will be further expanded to include the Very Important Person Protection Unit in 2002.

Two pre-selection seminars will be held at Police Headquarters and Police Sports and Recreation Club at 9.30 am on September 1 and 8 respectively, to brief officers on the history and charter of SDU and ASU as well as application and selection procedures.

A pre-selection day will be held on October 6 at Police Tactical Unit Headquarters to assess applicants' physical fitness and suitability for either programme. Applicants must attend the pre-selection day. Eligible applicants will be required to undergo a full medical examination in mid-October. A four-day basic selection programme will then be held in December followed by the six-week SUBT in January.

Those interested in joining ASU or SDU should submit their applications by

September 28.

Police Report No.4

Issued by PPRB

End/1605 hrs, Wednesday, August 29, 2001 (CTH)


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