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FS' transcript after school visit


Following is the transcript (English part) of a stand-up media session given by the Financial Secretary, Mr Donald Tsang, after conducting a school visit in Wan Chai today (March 28):

Question: (about FS' response to Legislators' attempt of not supporting the Budget)

FS: You are referring to certain Members' request that I make special provision, and making a threat that they will not support the Budget. I will look at it this way - I have been working very closely with Legislative Councillors in the preparation of Budget over the years. The Budget which I presented earlier in March was my sixth Budget and this one in particular is a product of prolonged consultation with Legislative Councillors. If you were talking about the Democratic Party, I've listened to their views, I've discussed with them, I've met with them, I've studied very carefully what they gave me during the preparation of the Budget. And indeed, many of the proposals have been incorporated into my Budget. This is the same way I've dealt with the proposals made by other political parties. I'm sure that our Legislative Councilors, including Democratic Party members, will consider what we've done together. I'm sure they will lend whatever support they can to the Budget I prepared.

(Please also refer to the Chinese transcript.)

End/Wednesday, March 28, 2001


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