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Chief Secretary for Administration's Transcript


Following is the transcript (English portion) of a media session by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Anson Chan, after officiating at the opening ceremony of the Independent Police Complaints Council's Seminar this (March 8) morning:

Reporter: Good morning, Mrs Chan. Mrs Chan, could you give us some words of wisdom about the support demonstrated by the Chinese authority for Mr Tung's second term?

Mrs Chan: Some words of wisdom? I don't think you need any words of wisdom. Mr Tung has not yet indicated whether he will run for a second term or not. I think you should all wait for his decision on that. I do not think that it is in the least surprising that Central Government leaders should indicate their support for the Chief Executive.

Reporter: How about the Budget, please?

Mrs Chan: I think that considering the situation, the economic situation facing Hong Kong at the moment, particularly with uncertainties in the American economy and in other economies round the world, I think this year's Budget is a prudently sensible and balanced one, and deserves the support of all sectors of the community. In respect of those items where there is an increase, it does not affect the average man in the street. There are a few items where the Financial Secretary proposes relaxation, and these should on the one hand help maintain and enhance Hong Kong's status as important financial and services centre. It will encourage people to continue higher studies. The Budget also takes care of the needs of particularly vulnerable groups in our community; and these I refer to the disabled people, also vulnerable young people who need extra services. Of course, it has also been possible, considering that the economy is slowly recovering, for the Government to relax the freeze on the recruitment of the civil servants; and I'm sure that this particular measure will be welcomed by all members of the service.

Reporter: Thank you very much.

Chief Secretary for Administration's Transcript (Chinese part)

End/Thursday, March 8, 2001