Press Release



Broadcast of Budget Speech delivery on electronic media


The delivery of the 2001-2002 Budget Speech by the Financial Secretary, Mr Donald Tsang, at 2.30 pm tomorrow (March 7) in the Legislative Council will be broadcast live by the electronic media.

Most of the television and radio channels will also broadcast a summary of the Budget given by Mr Tsang.

Following his delivery of the Budget Speech, the Financial Secretary will hold a press conference around 5 pm and participate in a joint television panel discussion titled "Budget Forum 2001" at 8.30 pm tomorrow. These will be broadcast on some TV and radio channels.

Following is the time-table for the broadcast:

March 7 (Wednesday)


Live broadcast of Budget Speech delivery at 2.30 pm




TVB-Jade and TVB-Pearl

ATV-Home and ATV-World

Cable TV News Channel 1

Pheonix Chinese Channel and Infonews Channel

RTHK Radio 1, 3, and 5

Metro Finance

Live broadcast of press conference around 5 pm


TVB-Jade and TVB-Pearl

Cable TV News Channel 1

RTHK Radio 1 and 3

Metro Finance

Budget summary (three-minuter)


Channels Time

-------- ----

TVB Jade 5.40 pm

TVB Pearl 7.15 pm

ATV Home 5.53 pm

ATV World 8 pm

Cable TV News Channel 2 8 pm and midnight

Pheonix Chinese Channel 6.55 pm

Pheonix Infonews Channel 7 pm and 10 pm

RTHK Radio 1 (Chinese) before 6 pm main news

RTHK Radio 2 (Chinese) after 5 pm news

RTHK Radio 3 (English) after 7 pm news

RTHK Putonghua Channel after 5 pm news

Commercial Radio 1 (Chinese) after 6 pm main news

Commercial Radio 2 (Chinese) after 6 pm main news

Commercial Radio after 6 pm main news

AM 864 (English)

Metro Finance (Chinese) between 5 and 6 pm and

between 10 and 11 pm

Metro Plus (English) after 7 pm main news

Joint television panel discussion "Budget Forum 2001"


Channels Time

-------- ----

TVB-Jade 10.20 pm (in Nicam)

ATV-Home midnight (in Nicam)

Cable TV News Channel 1 8.30 pm (live broadcast

in Nicam)

March 8 (Thursday)


Budget summary (three-minuter)


Channels Time

-------- ----

TVB-Jade 1.30 am

ATV-Home 3.15 am

End/Tuesday, March 6, 2001