Press Release



Voluntary Recall of AV Receiver


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department has taken prompt action to co-ordinate with the local supplier of Pioneer product to recall a model of AV receiver which has problem due to irregularity in parts installation.

The move was prompted by the department after learning of the news of a recall of the product overseas and found that similar product had been supplied in Hong Kong since early January this year.

According to the supplier, the resistors and capacitors mounted on the circuit board of the AV receiver might be liable to break down, causing smoke inside the unit.

However, extensive tests conducted by the supplier revealed that there should be no fire hazards.

A spokesman for the department urged consumers to return the AV receiver in question (model no VSX-D859TX) to the supplier for repair as soon as possible.

Details of the recall can be obtained by calling the supplier, Pioneer Electronics (China) Ltd., at 2848 6488.

End/Friday, February 9, 2001