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Revision of fees under Electricity Ordinance gazetted


The Government published in the Gazette today (December 8) three Amendment Regulations to revise the fees payable under Electricity Ordinance in connection with the registration of electrical contractors, generating facilities, recognized certification bodies and recognized manufacturers and for endorsement by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services of periodic test certificates in respect of fixed electrical installations.

The three Amendment Regulations are as follows:

(a) Electricity (Registration)(Amendment) Regulation 2000

(b) Electrical Products(Safety)(Amendment)(No.2)

Regulation 2000

(c) Electricity (Wiring)(Amendment) Regulation 2000

"The Electricity (Registration)(Amendment) Regulation 2000 seeks to reduce the existing levels of five fees by one per cent to 17 per cent as the latest cost result reveals that there is scope for reduction," a spokesman for the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department said.

"The Electrical Products (Safety)(Amendment)(No.2) Regulation 2000 and the Electricity (Wiring)(Amendment) Regulation 2000 seek to increase three fees by seven per cent to 10 per cent. No revision has been made to these fees since 1997," said the spokesman.

"It is in line with the Government policy that fees for certain services should in general be set at levels sufficient to recover the full cost of providing the services."

The spokesman added that the LegCo Panel on Economic Services had been consulted on proposals for fee increase on June 19, 2000 and Members did not raise objection to them.

The Amendment Regulations will be tabled at the Legislative Council on December 13, 2000. Subject to approval by negative vetting, the revised fee will become effective on February 1, 2001.

End/Friday, December 8, 2000