Press Release



Voluntary Recall of AC-adapters for digital camera


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, being the regulatory body to oversee the safety of electrical products in the territory, has taken prompt action to co-ordinate with the local supplier of an AC adapter used for a model of AGFA digital camera to recall the product which has safety problem.

The move was prompted by the department after learning of the news of a recall of the product overseas and found that the product had been supplied in Hong Kong as an optional accessory to AGFA ePhoto CL30 digital cameras.

According to the supplier, when the adapter (model no. UP01811065) is used at the same time with batteries installed in the camera, the batteries may become overheated, leak acid and possibly explode.

However, as for the camera itself, no recall is required as it would not have similar hazard if it is used with batteries only.

A spokesman for the department urged consumers to stop using the adapter in question immediately and to return it to the supplier as soon as practicable.

The supplier, Agfa Hong Kong Ltd., will replace the concerned adapter with another model compatible with the camera for the consumers. Details of the recall can be obtained by calling the company's enquiry hotline 2873 7563.

End/Monday, November 13, 2000