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Carnival to promote E&M safety


A carnival highlighting the public's support of the government's efforts in promoting electrical and mechanical safety was held today (November 4) at Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan.

Jointly organised by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), the event is one in a series of promotional activities initiated by the EMSD to heighten public awareness of the safety use of electrical appliances and installations, gas appliances and lifts and escalators as well as energy efficiency.

The Acting Secretary for Economic Services, Ms Maria Kwan, officiated at the opening ceremony of the carnival.

The programme of the carnival features performance by popular singers and artistes, games booths and an exhibition where technical staff of the EMSD were on hand to give advice to members of the public on the proper use of E&M appliances and installations.

The main attraction of the carnival was the final competition of an E&M Safety Quiz, a territory-wide event jointly organised by EMSD and RTHK in October which has received overwhelming response from the public, including workers, housewives and students.

RTHK's "Morning Suite" programme also devoted special air-time daily to publicise the relevant safety information and messages from the quiz.

Over a hundred out of 4,000 participants who had given all-correct answers to the quiz questionnaire were invited to take part in today's final competition. After going through several rounds of games and question-and-answer sessions, four winners and twelve finalists were selected to win computer product prizes.

The Deputy Director / Regulatory Services of the EMSD, Mr Roger Lai noted that his department was most encouraged by the overwhelming response of the public to the quiz, particularly the enthusiasm shown by many schools, families and youngsters.

"Our objective is to raise the public's awareness of E&M safety and encourage them to put the knowledge to good use in their daily lives," he said.

"Our next initiative is to visit schools with an interest on such topics, talk directly to students and teachers so as to enhance their understanding of safety issues," he added.

Ends/Saturday, November 4, 2000