Press Release



Clarifications on the Authenticity of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra


We refer to the article on South China Morning Post "Fake Philharmonic probe" today (September 1) regarding the authenticity of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) which performed at the "Midsummer Classics 2000" in August. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department declares the following:

Mak Ka-lok who performed with the MPO at the "Midsummer Classics 2000" has just written to the Department saying that he had asked his manager to discuss with the Chief Conductor of the MPO, Yuri Simonov once he received the invitation from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department early this year. And since the Chief Conductor could not come together, he sent his assistant conductor, Vladimir Simkin, to join the MPO's performances in Hong Kong.

The letter by Mak also pointed out that the MPO has three orchestras and hundreds of musicians. As the MPO had received two overseas invitations in August, Simonov promised to send the best musicians from the MPO to Hong Kong.

The MPO gave six performances at the "Midsummer Classics" between August 7 and 13 and was well received by the public, reaching an attendance rate of 93%.

End/ Friday, September 1, 2000