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Voluntary recall of AC/AC converters


The suppliers of five models of AC/AC converters (also known as transformers) have agreed to recall the products after investigation by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) found that they had safety problem.

"The models were found to have failed to comply with international safety standard and might pose safety hazard," a spokesman for the EMSD said today (August 18).

The spokesman noted that three of the models, SONICS SC100C, SONICS SC128C and VANSON FS-11 might lead to overheating under normal operation test. The other two models, CT-100 and Gold Ox WYT-100, were found to have inadequate protection against accidental contact with the live parts and might lead to overheating in case of short circuit.

The spokesman urged consumers who have purchased these products to stop using them immediately and to return to the respective suppliers as soon as practicable.

The suppliers of SONICS SC100C and SC128C, CT-100 and Gold Ox WYT-100 will arrange refund to the consumers upon surrender of the product and valid receipt while the supplier of VANSON FS-11 will replace another compliant product which has been certified safe by laboratory for their consumers.

Details of the respective products and their enquiry hotline are as follows:

Brand/Model Supplier Telephone No.

------------ -------- -------------

SONICS SC100C Antartica Ltd. 2467 6639

SONICS SC128C Antartica Ltd. 2467 6639

CT-100 Shun Hing Enterprise 2695 0813

Development Ltd.

Gold Ox WYT-100 Wah Yik Trading Company 2393 2293-5

VANSON FS-11 Vanson Electronics Ltd. 2426 9838

End/Friday, August 18,2000