Press Release



Appointment of Chairman and Members of the Energy Advisory Committee


The Government announced today (August 11) that Mr Otto Poon Lok-to had been appointed Chairman of the Energy Advisory Committee for a term of two years with effect from July 15, 2000. Mr Poon replaces Professor Charles Kao Kuen who decided to retire from the Committee owing to his other commitments.

Mr Poon has been a member of the Energy Advisory Committee and Chairman of its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Subcommittee since 1996. He is also a member of the Advisory Council on the Environment and a past President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

At the same time, other members of the Committee have been re-appointed for a further term of two years.

The Energy Advisory Committee is a non-statutory committee which advises the Government on energy policy, including policy matters concerning energy supply and demand, energy conservation and efficiency, and other related matters. The full membership of the Committee is as follows-

Chairman :

Mr Otto POON Lok-to

Members :

Mr Michael CORBYN


Professor Peter HILLS

Dr Joseph LAM Choi

Dr LAM Pun-lee

Mr LAM Wai-kwun

Mr Dennis LAU Wing-kwong, J.P.

Mr Edmund LEUNG Kwong-ho, J.P.

Dr NG Cho-nam

Mr Clement TAO Kwok-lau, BBS,J.P.

Professor TSANG Shu-ki

Mr Justein WONG Chun, J.P.

Mr WONG Kai-man

Secretary for Economic Services or representative

Secretary for the Environment and Food or representative

Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services or representative

End/Friday, August 11, 2000