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Two more consultancies for Disneyland


The Civil Engineering Department has awarded a consultancy agreement on "Landscape Works for Penny's Bay Development - Design and Construction " to Earthasia Ltd.

This is the second consultancy agreement awarded by the department to get the Hong Kong Disneyland Project to a flying start. The first consultancy agreement on engineering design and construction of the infrastructural development for Penny's Bay had already started.

The department will also award the third consultancy agreement on "Environmental Monitoring and Audit for Penny's Bay Reclamation, Stage 1" to Mouchel Asia Ltd in the next few days.

A spokesman for the department said these two consultancies formed an integral part of the Disneyland Project. He said other essential works packages were in the pipeline.

Earthasia Ltd will undertake the $19.8 million landscape works consultancy over a period of about six years.

The consultant is responsible for all the landscape and aesthetic design to complement the overall infrastructural works including the architectural elements, lighting and signage design so as to achieve a quality standard for the entire Penny's Bay development in an integrated and coherent manner.

The scope of the consultancy comprises the aesthetic, architectural and external appearance of the Government works including the Government, institution and community facilities and buildings.

It also comprises public transport interchanges at Yam O and Penny's Bay, the pier, the water recreation centre, the Government landscaped area, landscape and aesthetic aspects of road works, pedestrian walkway, street layout and finishes, street furnishings, signage, lighting, landscape features, external appearances of bridges and other engineering associated works.

Landscape berms, planting works, water features and landscape treatment to slope works are also included.

The landscape works within the theme park is not covered by this consultancy and will be carried out by the Hongkong International Theme Parks Ltd.

Mouchel Asia Ltd will be responsible for the environmental monitoring and audit consultancy. The consultancy, at a cost of $2.15 million, will last for about 19 months.

The spokesman said the purpose of the assignment was to ensure that the reclamation work would be carried out in strict compliance with the requirements stipulated in the Environmental Permit and the approved Environmental Monitoring & Audit Manuals.

The consultancy will review and audit the environmental monitoring data obtained by the reclamation contractor and make recommendations for remedial measures to mitigate any adverse effects due to the construction activities.

This arrangement ensured that the reclamation work would be carried out in an environmentally acceptable manner, the spokesman said.

End/Tuesday, July 25, 2000