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Control on Flueless Gas Water Heaters effective on July 1


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (June 29) reminded members of the public that the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) (Amendment) Regulations will come into operation on Saturday (July 1).

The new regulation prohibits the use of a flueless gas water heater to serve a bathroom or shower.

Any person who contravenes the new regulation shall be liable to a maximum fine of $5,000 upon conviction.

"The EMSD will step up inspection to households to check those who fail to arrange timely disconnection of such water heater," said the spokesman, adding that enforcement action would be taken if necessary.

He said owners should arrange for the disconnection of the flueless gas water heater and, if desired, its replacement with a safer model by a registered gas contractor.

The new regulation would not affect existing gas water heaters serving kitchens that were installed before April 1, 2000, the spokesman said.

"However, users must allow adequate ventilation during use and the duration of usage should not exceed five minutes. In addition, this type of appliance must not be used in an air-conditioned environment." he said.

For further information, owners of flueless gas water heaters should contact their gas suppliers for assistance on the following hotlines:



2880 6988



Shell 2322 2000

Esso 2435 4511

Mobil 2495 3518

Caltex/Peninsula 2321 0011

China Resources/Concord 2433 2111/2333 4215

End/Thursday, June 29, 2000