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Flying and anchorage restrictions at HK Disneyland to be gazetted


The Government will gazette on Friday (May 19) the Air Navigation (Flight Prohibition) Order and the Shipping and Port Control (Amendment) (No.3) Regulation.

They will propose to create an Air Intrusion Limitation Zone (AILZ) and a Prohibited Anchorage Area (PAA) in the vicinity of Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) at Penny's Bay.

"From a safety point of view, it is desirable to regulate flights over HKD where large numbers of visitors would be expected. An AILZ will be established at Penny's Bay to prohibit flying activities at an altitude of 4,000 feet AMSL (above mean sea level) or below," a Government spokesman said.

"In terms of civil aviation, none of the approach or departure flight paths to or from the Hong Kong International Airport have nominal tracks directly over HKD's site at Penny's Bay and very few aircraft need to overfly the area.

"The prohibition will not apply to aircraft following air traffic control instructions or Civil Aviation Department published approach and departure procedures and those deviating from such instructions or procedures for weather avoidance or due to technical problems. Aircraft flying for emergency operations, aircraft of the State and Government Flying Service aircraft will also be exempted."

The AILZ has a radius of 2.5 kilometres, which is small in aviation terms. A helicopter or light aircraft will take approximately two minutes to fly through the AILZ and only 20 seconds to fly into the HKD site from Yam O, an area just outside the AILZ. Taking into account the hilly topography of the area and the possible expansion of HKD and associated facilities, the size of the AILZ is considered appropriate.

"To maintain an aura of fantasy at HKD, visitors must not be subject to noise and visual disturbances caused by low-flying aircraft," the spokesman added.

Referring to the PAA, the spokesman said under the present legislation, vessels were not permitted to anchor at any place in the waters of Hong Kong other than in a port or at a specified anchorage.

"The creation of a PAA in the waters adjacent to HKD is a proactive measure for enhancing navigation safety and effective control of marine traffic in the area.

"A large number of pleasure vessels are expected to be attracted before, during and immediately after the nightly fireworks display at HKD.

"The new regulation will specify that all vessels at all times will have the right of innocent passage into and through the PAA.

"The restriction does not apply to Government or the Chinese People's Liberation Army vessels or privately owned vessels which are under contract with the Government, provided that these vessels are used in connection with the performance of official duties.

"The size of the PAA is proposed in the light of experience gained from the fireworks displays over Victoria Harbour and in discussion with The Walt Disney Company. In the case of Victoria Harbour, a restricted entry area is imposed. This current proposal seeks to introduce a PAA without restricting entry of vessels to the area."

End/Wednesday, May 17, 2000