Press Release



Voluntary recall of electric Chinese medicine pots


The suppliers of two models of electric Chinese medicine pot have agreed to recall the products after surveillance testings by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) found that they were unsafe for use.

One of the models, CK-32C, supplied by Ta Shun & Company, might cause overheating if the heating element became defective.

The other model, WD-22, supplied by Trichain Electronic Co Ltd, has been found to have inadequate thermal protective device which might cause overheating upon defective thermostat.

A spokesman for the EMSD today (May 5) urged consumers who have purchased these products to stop using them immediately and to return them to the suppliers as soon as practicable.

The supplier, Ta Shun & Company (enquiry hotline: 2545 1297), will arrange refund to the consumers upon surrender of the product and valid receipt. Another supplier, Trichain Electronic Co Ltd (enquiry hotline: 2687 3075) will replace the electrical portion of the medicine pot for their consumers (the modified medicine pot has been certified safe by laboratory).

End/Friday, May 5, 2000