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Government statement on Chung Hwa Travel Service


A Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government spokesman made the following statement today (April 22) regarding the Chung Hwa Travel Service:

* Taiwanese organisations have always been required to operate in Hong Kong according to the "One China" principle and in an unofficial capacity.

* Both before and after the reunification, the "One China" principle has existed and has been widely accepted. Since 1995, the "seven principles" announced by Vice-Primier Qian Qichen have stated clearly that Taiwanese organisations should operate in Hong Kong according to the "One China" principle and the Basic Law.

* Taiwanese organisations and their personnel have never been accorded any official status in Hong Kong and have always operated in an unofficial capacity. This situation will not change.

* The above principles are crystal clear and the Taiwanese side fully understands the situation. The HKSAR government, therefore, finds it surprising that the Taiwanese side should now seek to question these well-established principles and affect the basis for Taiwanese organisations to operate in Hong Kong. We affirm that these principles will not change.

The spokesman added, "we have explained to the Taiwanese side our policy on issuing work visas for personnel of Taiwanese organisations in Hong Kong. However, we have never indicated to the Taiwanese side that the application should not be submitted, nor have we refused to accept any application. We hope the Taiwanese side will not disseminate any further information which is untrue."

End/Saturday, April 22, 2000