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ACE's Sub-committee discusses EIA reports related to the Hong Kong Disneyland


The following is issued on behalf of the EIA Subcommittee of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE):-

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Subcommittee of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) met on April 5 and today (April 10) to discuss the EIA Reports of Northshore Lantau Development Feasibility Study and Construction of an International Theme Park in Penny's Bay of North Lantau and Its Essential Associated Infrastructures.

The Chairman of the EIA Subcommittee, Professor Lam Kin-che said after the meeting that Members had thoroughly discussed the two EIA reports with the project proponent at the two meetings.

"Members have very useful exchanges with the project proponent over various aspects of the EIA reports, including the air, noise, water and ecological impacts of the projects," Professor Lam said.

"A number of points were clarified and suggestions for improvements to the implementation of the projects were made," he added.

After careful deliberation, the Subcommittee asked the project proponent to provide further information on a number of outstanding points such as the cumulative impact of the various projects in the Northshore Lantau, the adequacy and efficacy of the various ecological mitigation measures proposed, and the justifications for the routing for the proposed Chok Ko Wan Link Road.

The two EIA reports together with the additional information requested by the Subcommittee will be discussed at the next meeting of the Advisory Council on the Environment scheduled to be held on next Monday (April 17).

The ACE's EIA Subcommittee is set up to study EIA reports, to report on its deliberations and findings and to make recommendations to the Council. The EIA Subcommitee consists of nine ACE members and is chaired by Professor Lam of the Chinese Univesity of Hong Kong.

END/10 April, 2000 (Monday)