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Chinese Inking Paintings Exhibition by Mok Hing-ling


The notion zi ran (nature) has always been adopted as the theme in Chinese arts. Mok Hing-ling, the renowned local Chinese ink painter, has inherited such tradition.

Under "The Best of Visual Arts" Scheme presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Chinese Ink Painting Review Exhibition by Mok Hing-ling will be held at the Tuen Mun Town Hall Exhibition Gallery from 31 March to 6 April and at the Kwai Tsing Theatre Exhibition Gallery from April 8 to 14. The admission-free exhibitions will be opened between 10 am and 8 pm daily.

Mok Hing-ling studied Chinese painting under great masters Ting Hin-yong and Cheung Kwan-sut and has practiced her painting for more than twenty years. The exhibition will be a review of Mok's works from the 70's onwards. By means of traditional and modern techniques of Chinese painting, she expresses her feelings for and appreciation of nature in her works. Besides, she participated in various joint exhibitions in Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China (Hangzhou, Nanjiang, Hainan, Shanghai, Shenzhen) and Russia in recent years. In the 90's, she held her solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Canada (Ottawa, Toronto). Her works appeared in the "Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition" (1981 and 1983), "The Second Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition" (1993). She won the third award of "Young Artist in China" in 1994. In 1999, her works appeared in "The 9th National Art Exhibition with a Showcase of Selected Works by Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwanese Artists". Her works are collected by the Taiwan Museum of Art, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Hubei Provincial Museum of Art, He Xiang Ning Gallery and other collectors. She is currently a member of the "Hong Kong Modern Chinese Ink Painting Association" as well as a tutor of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Mok's painting stresses on the adaptation of natural landscape. She develops her own free-style of painting and produces some non-artificial chance effects by using a piece of brush-like sponge as the painting tool. With a good blend of the distinguished techniques and an exquisite perception of the nature, her paintings have portrayed the images in their originality.

Enquiries can be made on 2450 4202 (Tuen Mun) or 2406 1139 (Kwai Tsing).

End/Wednesday, March 15, 2000