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Buildings at Tseung Kwan O Are Safe


In response to enquiries by members of the public, a spokesman for the Territory Development Department (TDD) reiterated today (Wednesday) that no building in Tseung Kwan O (TKO), where unusual ground settlement has been recorded, was at risk.

The spokesman pointed out that unusual settlement had been recorded only in three areas of TKO:

* TKO Town Centre - along and to the south of Tong Tak Street

* TKO Area 86 - which is west of Wan Po Road, by the sea and just north of the TKO Industrial Estate

* TKO Industrial Estate near the south end of Wan Po Road

"Within TKO Town Centre, there are only two occupied residential developments adjacent to Tong Tak Street, i.e. Tong Ming Court and Beverly Garden," the spokesman said.

"We can assure residents of these estates that none of their buildings are at risk. Ground settlement of 85 mm to 133 mm has been recorded in Tong Tak Street from April to October 1999.This settlement is relatively small and the impact is not very significant," the spokesman said.

"There are already indications that the rate of settlement is slowing and it is expected to stabilise by early next year," he added.

"As regards the nearby Sheung Tak Estate, we have so far no information to indicate unusual ground settlement there," he said.

The spokesman stressed that the buildings were not settling because their piled foundations were designed to extend down to solid bedrock and no settlement of bedrock had been recorded.

"It is only the soil above the bedrock that is settling and this may result in settling and minor cracking of pavements around the buildings," the spokesman said.

He gave an assurance that various Government departments were giving priority to investigating the cause of the unusual settlement and monitoring its impact.

Turning to other areas, the spokesman said TDD did not expect, and had no record to date of, unusual settlement in Hang Hau, including On Ning Garden, and Po Lam areas of TKO, nor in any other new town.

"To put residents' hearts at ease, we are arranging briefings for those in TKO Town Centre and will continue to keep residents informed of our findings," the spokesman said.

"We are also publishing a list of estates in TKO to show when reclamation of their sites was completed and whether they are within areas where unusual ground settlement has been recorded," he said.

End/ Wednesday, November 3, 1999