Visa requirement for Hong Kong


The Immigration Department announced today (Wednesday) that with effect from October 28 1998, the visa-free arrangements for nationals of the following countries to visit Hong Kong will be changed:-

Country Current visit Revised visit visa-free

visa-free period period or visa required

1. Angola 14 days *visa required

2. Finland 1 month 3 months

3. Germany 1 month 3 months

4. Greece 1 month 3 months

5. Japan 1 month 3 months

6. Lesotho 3 months 14 days

7. Nepal 1 month visa required

8. Nigeria 3 months visa required

9. Sierra Leone 3 months *visa required

10. Sri Lanka 3 months 1 month

11. United States 1 month 3 months

Remarks :

* including those who are in transit and remain on the airside

A spokesman for the Immigration Department said, "It is our practice to review visa requirements for foreign visitors from time to time. Changes are made where necessary to take into account factors such as our ties with individual countries and track record of travellers. Hong Kong will continue to adopt a liberal visa policy on the entry of foreign visitors. At present, people from about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong without visas and stay for 7 days to six months. Only people from about 40 countries need to apply for visas to visit Hong Kong. We will continue to keep visa-free arrangements under review."

End/Wednesday, October 21, 1998