Justices of the Peace appointments


This year's appointments of Justices of the Peace (JPs) will be published in the Government Gazette today (Wednesday). This is the first JP appointment exercise since the reunification.

A total of 77 persons will be appointed as JPs, including 36 JPs appointed under section 3(1)(b) of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance (commonly referred to as "Non-official JPs") and 41 JPs appointed under section 3(1)(a) of the same ordinance (commonly referred to as "Official JPs"). A few other appointments of Non-official JPs may also be made later.

The main function of JPs is to visit prisons, detention centres and other institutions in order to ensure that no individual is unfairly treated or deprived of his or her rights. JPs are also required to perform other duties as directed by the Chief Executive, such as carrying out ad hoc inquiries.

Following is the 1998 JP appointment list:

1998 Justices of the Peace appointments


Justices of the Peace to be appointed under section 3(1)(b) of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance (Chapter 510) with effect from July 1 1998 : -

Mr Colvin M. BROWN

Mr CHAO Sze-kwong, George

Mr CHEUNG Ho-sang, Albert


(alias Mr Donald CHIA)

Mr CHOW Wing-kin, Anthony

Ms CHU Pui-ying, Bebe

The Honourable CHUNG Shui-ming

Mr FAN Hung-ling, Henry

The Honourable FOK Tsun-ting, Timothy

Mr FUNG Kwong-chung

Professor Anthony Johnson HEDLEY

Mr John Terence HUNG

Mr IP Kwok-chung

Mr David Gregory JEAFFRESON

Dr LAI Fook-ming, Lawrence

Mr LAU Man-wai, Joseph

Mrs LAU YU Po-kwan

Dr the Honourable LAW Chi-kwong

The Honourable LEE Kai-ming

Professor LI Kwok-cheung, Arthur

Mr LI Pak-ho, Simon

Dr LIAO York

Dr LO Ka-shui

Mr MA Yiu-tim

Mr NG Hung, Alfred

Mrs NG WONG Yee-man, Gloria

Mrs NG YEOH Saw-kheng

The Honourable TSANG Yok-sing

Mr WAN Man-yee

Mr WONG Lung-tak, Patrick

Professor WONG Siu-lun

The Honourable YANG Ti-liang

Mr YEUNG Kwok-keung

Mr YU Kwok-chun

Mr YU Sun-say, Jose

Mr YUNG Hin-kwong, Raymond

Justices of the Peace appointed under section 3(1)(a) of the Justices of the Peace Ordinance (Chapter 510) with effect from July 1 1998 : -

Miss AU King-chi

Mrs CHAN LEUNG Mong-lin, Maureen

Mr CHAN Wing-sang


Mr CHENG Luk-san, Augustine

Mr CHIANG Yam-wang, Allan

Mr CHING Sik-fan

Mr CHOI Chi-wa, Augustine

Mrs CHOR CHAN Chui-yuk, Jennie

Dr CHOW Yat-ngok, York

Dr David George CLARKE

Mr Ivan Michael D'SOUZA

Mr John Sebastian Rossford EDGE

Mr IP Man-fai

Mr KAM Wai-yip

Dr KWAN LIM, Elizabeth

Mr KWOK Jing-keung

Mrs LAI CHAN Chi-kuen, Marion

Mr LAI Fuk-kan

Mr LAM Kwong-yu, Albert

Miss LAU Yin-wah, Emma

Mr LAW Wing-tak, Edward

Mr LI King-kwong

Mr LI Kwok-tso

Mrs LI LI Ka-lai, Lucia

Dr LO Wai-kee

Mr LUI Hau-tuen

Mr MAK Ching-hung, Clement

Miss MAK Yee-ming, Jennifer

Mrs NG TSE Suk-ying, Ava

Mr Duncan Warren PESCOD

Mr Anthony Lucas ROBERTSON

Mr TANG Chung-keung, Raymond

Mr TSANG Kin-woo

Dr TSE Lai-yin

Mrs Jenny WALLIS

Mr WONG Hung-kin, James

Mr WOO Sik-jan, Anthony

Mr YING Yiu-hong, Stanley

Mr YUEN Ming-fai, Richard

Mr YUEN Tze-chu

End/Wednesday, July 1, 1998