"Anti-tailgating Operation" in NTN proved to be effective


The "Anti-tailgating Operation" launched in Police's New Territories North (NTN) Region early this year proved to be effective in reducing the number of traffic accidents caused by driving too close to the vehicle in the front.

Speaking at a press conference today (Tuesday), the Senior Superintendent of Traffic NTN, Mr Wong Sak-pang, said there were 129 traffic accidents caused by tailgating in the Region from January to April this year.

"It represents a 5.8 per cent drop compared with 137 cases during the same period last year," he said.

He reminded the public that tailgating offenders would be prosecuted either for careless driving or reckless driving.

Mr Wong said the provision of two laser guns for Traffic NTN to detect speeding and tailgating would help reduce traffic accidents.

"The device will make the job of anti-tailgating less manpower intensive. It also provides speed records admissable as evidence in court," he noted.

Turning to this year's "NTN Regional Road Safety Campaign", Mr Tsang said the main objective was to enhance the safe driving attitude of drivers.

"Among the 22,486 vehicles involved in traffic accidents in Hong Kong last year, 11,082 (or 49.2 per cent) were driven by professional drivers.

"Various publicity activities including road safety lectures will be held for professional drivers to help disseminate road safety messages," he added.

NTN Police stepped up enforcement action against traffic law offenders in the Region in an operation from 7 am to 11 pm today.

The operation will target careless driving, tailgating and pedestrians or cyclists who had violated traffic regulations.

Traffic law breachers will be prosecuted or verbally warned.

Police Report No.2

Issued By PPRB

End/1400 Hour/Tuesday, 26 May, 1998/(JOL)