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Forms Viewing / Printing

To view / print the forms in pdf and wdl formats, you need the following software applications :

Some form files are compressed in Zip format and require WinZip for decompression. Click here to download WinZip.

The e-Form and LD E-Form

The "Electronic Submission of Forms" (e-Form) project is a Government initiative to facilitate the public to make electronic submissions to Government and provide more public services online. It enables you to fill-in and submit forms to Government electronically anytime and anywhere for obtaining Government services. To obtain more information about and the software required for submission of e-form, please visit the e-Form web page at Enquiry : [email protected].

The LD E-Form is another type of electronic form having features similar to those of e-Form, which is provided specifically by the Labour Department. To obtain more information about and the software required for filling and submitting LD E-form, please visit the LD E-Form web page at
Enquiry : [email protected].

Chinese Characters

You may need to use the Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) to view the Chinese version of this web site and the Chinese documents. Click here to download the HKSCS.

For completion and submission of e-Form, you need another set of Chinese characters which can be downloaded from the e-Form web page.

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