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Fact Sheet on Occupational Dose Limit for the Lens of the Eye is now available at Information and Publication

(16 Nov 2017)


Notice to Clients of Radiation Monitoring Service
Return dosimeters before 13th February 2015

New batch of dosimeters for radiation monitoring period of 01/02/2015 - 28/02/2015 has been sent to you. Since the working day after our normal cut-off date (i.e. the 16th day of a month) in February 2015 is limited, please return your current batch of dosimeters to us immediately for our early readout and analyzed to ensure the next batch of dosimeter can be sent to you timely.

Please be reminded that dosimeters we received after our office hour on 13th Feb 2015 will be treated as ‘late returned’ dosimeters. ‘Late returned’ dosimeters will only be readout and analyzed after all dosimeters received before 13th Feb 2015 and monthly dose reports have been issued at the end of the month. In such case, we are unable to send you an annealed batch in exchange for next monitoring period. The dose recorded by ‘late returned’ dosimeters will not be reported in January’s monthly dose report, while the data will still be kept in user’s personal dose record.

(04 Feb 2015)



Control of Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus

Radiation Ordinance (Cap. 303), Laws of Hong Kong, stipulates relevant controls on radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus.

The Radiation Board  is established under section 3 of the Radiation Ordinance (Cap. 303, Laws of Hong Kong) to carry out functions in accordance with the provisions of the said Ordinance and its subsidiary legislations.

Applications for licences to manufacture, produce, sell, deal in or with, possess or use radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus should be submitted to the Radiation Board Licensing Office.



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