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Implementation of Electronic Radiation Licensing and Services System (ERLS) Phase IIA

New phase of the web-based ˇ§Electronic Radiation Licensing and Services Systemˇ¨ (ERLS) was launched in July 2012.

Registered authorized persons of the Radiation Monitoring Services subscribers can view their employees' dose records at the website of the ERLS.

Registered holders of licences issued by the Radiation Board can also browse the status of their licences and the progress of their applications at the website. Please visit the Radiation Boardˇ¦s website for details.

(01 Nov 2012)


Individual Dose Enquiry

With effect from 1 October 2012, Individual user subscribing to the Radiation Monitoring Service may enquire his/her dose history through our newly implemented Electronic Radiation Licensing and Services System (ERLS).

(24 September 2012)


Radiaton Health FAQs

(14 Apr 2011)



Control of Radioactive Substances and Irradiating Apparatus

The Radiation Ordinance (Cap. 303, Laws of Hong Kong) aims to control the import, export, possession and use of radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus and the prospecting and mining for radioactive minerals and for purposes connected therewith.

The Radiation Board  is established under section 3 of the Radiation Ordinance (Cap. 303, Laws of Hong Kong) to carry out functions in accordance with the provisions of the said Ordinance and its subsidiary legislations.

Applications for licences to manufacture, produce, sell, deal in or with, possess or use radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus should be submitted to the Radiation Board Licensing Office.



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