Civil And Miscellaneous Lists : National Committee for the Certification of Wild Poliovirus Eradication
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National Committee for the Certification of Wild Poliovirus Eradication in Hong Kong

(Appointed by the Secretary for Food and Health)

Enquiry: Department of Health, Wu Chung House,
213 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Telephone: 2125 2230

  • Professor LAU Yu-lung (Chairman)
  • Dr. Wilina LIM, S.B.S.
  • Professor LAM Tai-hing, B.B.S., J.P.
Secretary: Senior Medical Officer(Surveillance Section)3
(Tel.: 2125 2230)

Terms of Reference

  1. To regularly review the performance of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP)/polio surveillance and polio immunisation activities in Hong Kong SAR and advise the Government Immunisation Programme on requirements to sustain certification quality standards;
  2. To distribute information relevant to maintaining the polio-free status of Hong Kong SAR to each sector concerned;
  3. To update the Regional Certification Commission on an annual basis if surveillance is adequate to both detect and respond to potential importations of wild polio virus, if immunity levels against polio are high to protect against poliovirus circulation and to present a conclusion if there is evidence of poliovirus circulation in Hong Kong SAR;
  4. To review if requirements for poliovirus laboratory containment are met in Hong Kong SAR;
  5. To inform the WPRO secretariat on an ad hoc basis if there is any obstacles for maintaining the polio-free status in Hong Kong SAR.