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Accreditation Advisory Board

(Appointed by the Secretary for Innovation and Technology)

Enquiry: Innovation and Technology Commission,
Quality Services Division, 36/F, Immigration Tower,
7 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

  • Professor Vivian YAM Wing-wah, B.B.S. (Chairman)
  • Head of the Hong Kong Accreditation Service or his representative
    (ex officio Vice Chairman)
  • Government Chemist of Government Laboratory
    or his representative (ex officio member)
  • Head of Laboratory of Standards and Calibration Laboratory of
    Innovation and Technology Commission or his representative
    (ex officio member)
  • Mr. Felix CHAN King-wa
  • Dr. Lawrence CHAN Wan-ching
  • Mrs. Mary Catherine CHENG
  • Mr. Derek CHENG Hoi-ching
  • Mr. CHUI Chun-king
  • Mr. LAM King-kong
  • Mr. Albert LEUNG Wing-keung
  • Dr. QUE Tak-lun
  • Professor Nora TAM Fung-yee, B.B.S., J.P.
  • Dr. TSANG Ngai-chong
  • Professor WONG Kwok-yin
  • Ms. WOO Oi-chi
  • Professor Ben YOUNG
Secretary: Executive Officer (Accreditation Service),
Innovation and Technology Commission
(Tel.: 2829 4802)
(Fax: 2824 1302)

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide advice to the Head of HKAS Executive on general policy matters relating to accreditation. Such policy matters include :-
    1. the modus operandi, management and development of HKAS;
    2. accreditation criteria, including technical and non-technical requirements and conditions, which an applicant organisation or an accredited organisation shall meet;
    3. charges and fees for the services provided by HKAS;
    4. remuneration for assessors and technical experts;
    5. relationships with other accreditation bodies;
    6. promotion of HKAS; and
    7. procedure for handling complaints and appeals made to HKAS.
  2. To review (see Chapter 7), if requested by an accredited organisation or applicant organisation, decisions made by HKAS Executive or by AAB.
  3. To review and appraise assessment reports and to make recommendations to the Head of HKAS Executive on the following:-
    1. whether accreditation should be granted to an organisation;
    2. the scope of accreditation of an organisation;
    3. the terms of accreditation;
    4. whether accreditation regarding any activity of an organisation shall be deferred until the organisation attains the requisite standard;
    5. requirements which an individual organisation shall meet in order to comply with the HKAS accreditation criteria; and
    6. the reassessment and surveillance visit intervals for an accredited organisation.
  4. To establish working parties to undertake specific tasks. Where a working party is established for the purpose of examining technical problems in relation to an activity for accreditation, the member of AAB who is most experienced in such an activity will normally become the chairman of the working party. The findings and recommendations of the working parties shall be reported to AAB.
  5. To propose proficiency testing programmes for laboratories and inspection bodies and to review the results of such programmes.
  6. To advise HKAS Executive on the establishment and maintenance of a panel of assessors and technical experts for each of the accreditation schemes administered by HKAS, including the following:-
    1. to advise HKAS Executive on the qualification and experience criteria for the selection of assessors and technical experts; and
    2. to recommend to the Head of HKAS Executive any training and instructional needs for assessors and technical experts.
  7. To identify and evaluate acceptable sources of calibration to meet the needs of any HKAS accreditation scheme and to review these sources of calibration; and
  8. To advise HKAS Executive on any other technical or non-technical matters in connection with accreditation in the furtherance of good practice.