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Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation Boards

(Appointed by the Secretary for Labour and Welfare)

Enquiry: Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries
Compensation Section,
Social Welfare Department,
Wu Chung House, 213 Queen's Road East,
Hong Kong.

  • Mr. Jason POW Wing-nin, S.C. (Chairman)
  • Dr. Hopkins CHAN Chi-mong, J.P.
  • Mr. CHAN Ching-lung, S.C.
  • Mr. CHAN Chung
  • Mr. CHAN Yue-chow
  • Mr. Brian CHAU
  • Miss Vena CHENG Wei-yan
  • Ms. Diana CHEUNG Han-chu
  • Ms. CHU Koh-ann
  • Mr. CHIN Shing-hoi
  • Dr. Theresa CUNANAN
  • Mr. Mohan DATWANI
  • Ms. IP Mei-ho
  • Ms. KEUNG Choi-yin
  • Ms. Anita KWOK Ying-ying
  • Ms. Carine LAM Chuen-wa
  • Mr. Paul LAM Ting-kwok, S.C.
  • Dr. Kevin LAU Chung-hang
  • Ms. LAU Shing-yan
  • Ms. Monita LAU Wai-yee
  • Professor LEE Mei-chun
  • Dr. Kenneth LEUNG Kin-nin
  • Dr. Jess LEUNG Lam-ming
  • Dr. Emmy LI Yuen-mei
  • Dr. Annissa LUI Wai-ling, J.P.
  • Mr. Bernard Jaun MAK Siu-cheung
  • Dr. Karen SHUM Hau-yan
  • Mr. Devin SIO Chan-in
  • Ms. Sara TONG See-pui
  • Dr. William WONG Ming-fung, S.C.
Secretary: Senior Social Security Officer (Accident Compensation)
(Tel.: 2832 4617)
(Fax: 2157 0067)

Terms of Reference

The Boards are serviced by the Social Welfare Department and responsible to the Chief Executive for the administration of the Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation Scheme subject to the principles and guidelines laid down in the Administrative Document of the Scheme issued by the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, with the endorsement of the Chief Executive and/or the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury/Finance Committee of the Legislative Council as appropriate, with the following specific responsibilities:
  1. to exercise the functions and powers of the Boards as laid down in the Administrative Document of the Scheme;
  2. to examine arrangements and procedures for compensating victims of crimes of violence and to advise on the extension or improvement of related matters as the Chief Executive may refer to the Boards or on which the Boards may wish to advise;
  3. to scrutinise and approve or disapprove and, where necessary, hear applications and appeals for compensation;
  4. to be entirely responsible for deciding what compensation should be paid to individual victims according to the basis of compensation of the Scheme and also the quantum including such matter as whether the amount should be increased or reduced; and
  5. the Chairman of the Boards shall submit annually to the Chief Executive a full report on the operation of the Scheme together with its accounts.