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Technical Committee on Plumbing

(Appointed by the Assistant Director of Water Supplies)

Enquiry: 48/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2829 4449

  • Ir. CHAN Chung-kun (Chairman)
  • Ir. CHUNG Chi-ming
  • Mr. HO Man-yiu
  • Sr. HO Kui-yip
  • Mr. HUNG Chi-kwong
  • Mr. MA Yuk-ying
  • Mr. TANG Kwong-yiu
  • Mr. CHENG Wai-cheong
  • Mr. KWOK Tung-keung
  • Mr. WONG Sing-lam
  • Mr. WONG Wing-wah
  • Mr. TANG Sze-wo
  • Mr. LAU Chun-kay
  • Mr. KU Chun-ming
  • Mr. CHAN Ka-wah
  • Mr. CHENG Kai-chun
  • Mr. TSE Kin-hung
  • Mr. LEE Wai-kwok
  • Mr. YU Wai-wai, J.P.
  • Mr. WONG Siu-wing
  • Mr. LEE Chi-kin
  • Chief Engineer/Technical Support,
    Water Supplies Department
  • Chief Electrical & Mechanical Engineer/Maintenance,
    Water Supplies Department
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer/Material Control,
    Water Supplies Department
  • Senior Engineer/Technical Support(2),
    Water Supplies Department
  • Chief Building Services Engineer(2),
    Housing Department
  • Chief Building Services Engineer/1,
    Architectural Services Department
  • Chief Building Surveyor/NTW,
    Buildings Department
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Licensing & Certification),
    Fire Services Department
Secretary: Mr. Calvin LAU Cheuk-fung
(Tel.: 2829 4449)

Terms of Reference

  1. To keep under review, and to collect and consider views, comments or feedback received from the industry on plumbing matters relating but not limited to:
    1. materials;
    2. technologies, standards and testing;
    3. waterworks requirements; and
    4. application and approval of plumbing works.
  2. To advise and make recommendations to the Director of Water Supplies on the appropriate measures to be taken in response to item (a) above.