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Programme Management Committee, Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales - Enterprise Support Programme

(Appointed by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development)

Enquiry: Trade and Industry Department
15/F, Trade and Industry Tower,
3 Concorde Road,
Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2398 5154

  • Director-General of Trade and Industry
  •     (ex officio Chairman)
  • Representative of Trade and Industry Department
  •     (ex officio member)
  • Representative of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch,
  •     Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
  •     (ex officio member)
  • Mr. CHOY Chi-fai
  • Mr. Michael HUI Wah-kit, M.H., J.P.
  • Dr. Edward LAM Kwok-hung
  • Ms. Edith LAW Ho-yan, J.P.
  • Ms. Michelle LEUNG Oi-pui
  • Mr. Paul LEUNG Yuk-hung
  • Mr. Gerry MA Kwai-yung, J.P.
  • Mr. Raymond MAK Ka-chun
  • Mr. William SHUM Wai-lam
  • Mr. Benedict SIN Nga-yan
  • Mr. Sunny TAN
  • Miss Jennifer TSUI
  • Mr. Luther WONG Lok-tak, J.P.
  • Ms. Angela YEUNG Pui-yan
  • Dr. Daniel YIP Chung-yin
Secretary: Hong Kong Productivity Council
(Tel.: 2788 6088)
(Fax.: 3187 4525)

Terms of Reference

To advise and make recommendations to the Government on -
  1. the overall implementation of the Enterprise Support Programme of the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (the Programme), including annual implementation plans and budgets, operation, progress as well as outcomes and effectiveness of the Programme;
  2. the following matters relating to the administration of funds under the Programme:
    1. the guiding principles for approval of grants, application guidelines and procedures, assessment and funding criteria, as well as safeguard and control mechanisms;
    2. the merits of individual applications, and upon approval of applications, the amount of funding to be granted to each approved project and the terms and conditions for approving the funds;
    3. the progress of the implementation of approved projects, project outcomes, and disbursement of funding;
  3. Any other matters related to the Programme as requested by the Government.