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National Verification Committee for Measles Elimination in Hong Kong

(Appointed by the Secretary for Food and Health)

Enquiry: 4/F, Centre for Health Protection,
147C Argyle Street,
Telephone: 2125 2230

  • Chairman
  • Dr. CHOW Chun-bong, B.B.S., J.P.

  • Members
  • Dr. Thomas CHUNG Wai-hung
  • Dr. CHAN Kwok-yin
  • Professor Paul CHAN Kay-sheung
  • Professor Patrick WOO Chiu-yat

Secretary: Senior Medical Officer (Surveillance Section) 3
(Tel.: 2125 2230)

Terms of Reference for Members

  1. To advise the Director of Health, the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme and the Department of Health on requirements for measles elimination and verification;
  2. to compile and analyse relevant information to monitor progress towards measles elimination and assess if Hong Kong SAR has eliminated endemic measles virus transmission in accordance with established criteria and components;
  3. to conduct field visits when needed to monitor progress, assess data quality and validate analyses and assessments;
  4. to guide the annual verification documentation process at territory-wide level, propose feasible alternatives if standard verification data are insufficient or inconsistent, and endorse annual verification report for submission to the Western Pacific Regional Verification Commission for Measles Elimination (RVC);
  5. to monitor progress towards accelerated rubella control and congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) prevention and, if established as a national and regional goal, rubella elimination; and
  6. to provide programmatic guidance consistent with verification criteria and components.

Additional Terms of Reference for the Chairman

  1. To define internal procedures and responsibilities of committee members in accordance with verification guidelines provided by the RVC;
  2. to prepare a plan of action (POA) of the NVC including activities, timeline, expected outcomes, and human and financial resource requirements, in collaboration with the CIP and the Director of Health, and to present the POA to the RVC for approval;
  3. to preside over NVC meetings to be held at least twice per year, and
  4. to attend RVC or other regional meetings when required.