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Vehicle Maintenance Technical Advisory Committee

(Appointed by the Secretary for Transport and Housing)

Enquiry: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
7/F, 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Telephone: 2808 3656

Membership List
(1 June 2016 - 31 May 2018)

  • Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (Chairperson)
  • Mr. Alexander WONG Teck-sun
  • Mr. Ringo LEE Yiu-pui
  • Mr. LAM Hing-cheong
  • Mr. YEUNG Ka-wo
  • Mr. WONG Kin-fai
  • Mr. TAM Kum-fai
  • Mr. HUI Kin-wah
  • Mr. CHONG Tse-keung
  • Mr. LEE Chi-hung
  • Mr. Madison TANG Wing-hong
  • Mr. Ponthey YIP Sui-pong
  • Mr. FUNG Man-keung
  • Mr. SO Hing-shun
  • Mr. Vincent FUNG Ka-fai
  • Mr. Eric TAM Wai-leung
  • Mr. CHAN Ho-man
  • Mr. LIU Keung
  • Mr. LAU Kin-chun
  • A representative from Environmental Protection Department
  • A representative from Transport Department

Secretary: Senior Engineer/Vehicle Maintenance Registration 1,
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
(Tel.: 2808 3656)
(Fax: 3521 1565)

Terms of Reference

  1. The VMTAC advises on the following in respect of the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Mechanics (“VRSVM”) and the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops(“VRSVMW”):-
    1. Development of the registration and renewal requirements for implementation of the registration for vehicle mechanics and workshops, as well as the relevant administrative arrangements;
    2. Means to encourage vehicle mechanics and workshops to participate in the registration schemes;
    3. Identification of training opportunities for vehicle mechanics that are relevant to the registration schemes, as well as other training issues related to the registration and renewal requirements;
    4. Implementation of monitoring mechanisms to uphold the standard of services provided by registered mechanics and workshops;
    5. The appeal mechanisms; and
    6. Review of the effectiveness of the registration schemes.
  2. The VMTAC determines appeals made by any person aggrieved by a decision or action by the Vehicle Maintenance Registration Unit of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in respect of VRSVM and VRSVMW.
  3. The VMTAC advises on the Government’s study of the merits and practicability of a mandatory registration scheme for the vehicle maintenance trade.