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The Advisory Committee on the Appearance of Bridges and Associated Structures

Enquiry: Landscape Unit, Highways Department,
6/F., Trade and Industry Tower,
3 Concorde Road,
Telephone: 3903 6667

  • Regional Highways Engineer, Highways Department (Chairman)
  • Representative of Bridges and Structures Division,
    Highways Department
  • Representative of Civil Engineering and Development Department
  • Representative of Hong Kong Institute of Planners
  • Representative of Housing Department
  • Representative of Architectural Services Department
  • Representative of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects
  • Representative of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Representative of the Academic Sector
    (Department of Architecture of the Chinese University of
    Hong Kong, Department of Architecture of the University of
    Hong Kong and School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on rotation)
Secretary: Senior Landscape Architect
Highways Department
(Tel.: 3903 6667)
(Fax. 2310 8438)

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Director of Highways on standards to be applied and procedures to be adopted to achieve high aesthetic quality of design for bridges and associated structures and to promulgate general guidance on such matters.
  2. To scrutinise individual design proposals for bridges and associated structures from the aesthetic visual and greening points of view and to accept proposals or recommend design revisions on behalf of the Director of Highways.
  3. To refer design proposals to the Director of Highways on which disagreement is found to be irreconcilable either:
    1. in principle, because for instance a design is likely to result in disproportionate damage to sensitive historic, scenic, ecological or other environmental features; or
    2. in detail, because for instance the proposed layout, style or surface finishes are considered to be inappropriate.