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Quarters Allocation Committee

  • Miss Shirley LAU Sze-mun (Chairman)
  • Ms. Heidi LAM Man-ching
  • Mr. LEE Fong-chung
  • Mr. Robert LOK Wai-lurk
  • Mr. Timothy Justin SHARPE

Terms of Reference

  1. Subject to the provisions of CSRs 810(4), 812 and 814, to allocate non-departmental quarters in accordance with CSRs and Secretariat Circulars for the time being in force to officers eligible for such accommodation under their terms of appointment;
  2. to bring to Government's notice any serious complaint made to the Committee regarding the system of allocation of non-departmental quarters together with the Committee's advice thereon;
  3. to advise Government on any questions referred to the Committee relating to Government quarters in general.