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Volume 1 Fourth Supplement

Publication Date: Mar 1978




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Business commenced within year of assessment 1972/73—assessable profits to be computed on profits derived during period beginning on date of commencement of business and ending on the last day of the year of assessment—Inland Revenue Ordinance, section 18(3)  

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Company in liquidation—whether properties on hand were trading assets and if so whether trading ceased when liquidator was appointed or when properties were disposed of—Inland Revenue Ordinance, section   15C  

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Airline pilot employed by company incorporated in Hong Kong—duties of taxpayer substantially performed outside Hong Kong—whether income from employment "arose in or was derived from the Colony"—Inland Revenue Ordinance, section 8(1) and ( 1A )  

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Inland Revenue Ordinance, section 11D(b), proviso (i)— marriage gratuity paid to Government servant—date of last day of employment  

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Inland Revenue Ordinance, sections 8(1) and ( 1A ) (Charge of Salaries tax) and 9 (Definition of income from employment)— taxpayer's source of income arising outside Hong Kong from services rendered inside—taxpayer provided with rent-free accommodation— assessment of rental value for purposes of salaries tax—meaning of "income"  

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Taxpayer"s wife provided with accommodation in connection with her duties—whether rental value of accommodation should be included in computation of income—whether such rent paid by taxpayer's wife to employer was a deductible expense—Inland Revenue Ordinance, sections 9(1)(c), (2) and 12(1)(a)  

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