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Step 1
Download e-Form

Step 2
Fill e-Form and attach file(s)

2.1 Read and accept the Points to Note
2.2 Fill e-Form and attach file(s)
2.3 Append/remove additional pages
2.4 Add attachments
2.5 Save the form

Step 3
Sign completed e-Form

3.1 Sign the e-Form
3.2 Adding second/third signature(s)
3.3 Trust the certificate

Step 4
Submit signed e-Form

Commonly Encountered Problems

a Mandatory field checking before signing
b Version of Adobe Reader
c Missing attachment
d Indicate hard copy submission of coloured plan, if any

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Step 1. Open the e-form which has been signed by the first applicant.
Step 2. After reading the “Points to Note” and “Statement on Personal Data”, the second applicant may select the check box to accept.
Step 3. Click the second E-Signature field for second applicant’s digital signing
Step 4. Follow the same steps as for the first e-signature.
Step 5. Click "Sign" to sign the e-form.
Step 6. Save the signed e-form again.
Step 7. The second e-Signature is shown on the e-form
Step 8. Repeat the same steps for the third applicant, if any.

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