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Step 1
Download e-Form

Step 2
Fill e-Form and attach file(s)

2.1 Read and accept the Points to Note
2.2 Fill e-Form and attach file(s)
2.3 Append/remove additional pages
2.4 Add attachments
2.5 Save the form

Step 3
Sign completed e-Form

3.1 Sign the e-Form
3.2 Adding second/third signature(s)
3.3 Trust the certificate

Step 4
Submit signed e-Form

Commonly Encountered Problems

a Mandatory field checking before signing
b Version of Adobe Reader
c Missing attachment
d Indicate hard copy submission of coloured plan, if any

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Step 1. English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese Character can be inputted in the same text field
Step 2. Input only one applicant's information in each "Name of Applicant" field. A maximum of three applicants can be accepted.
Step 3. Digital signature for each Applicant is required. If the application is submitted by an Authorized Agent, the Agent's digital signature will be required instead.
Step 4. Click to select from one of the check box options.
Step 5. Corresponding sub-section field(s) will be enabled for entry after selection.
Step 6. Un-select the option will clear the sub-section field's contents.
Step 7. Input date field in YYYY-MM-DD format. Click the "Date" field to enable the Date Picker and select date.
Step 8. Input email field in format.
Step 9. Warning message will appear if incorrect format is inputted.
For some fields, mouse hover the field box to view the input tips

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