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Step 1
Download e-Form

Step 2
Fill e-Form and attach file(s)

2.1 Read and accept the Points to Note
2.2 Fill e-Form and attach file(s)
2.3 Append/remove additional pages
2.4 Add attachments
2.5 Save the form

Step 3
Sign completed e-Form

3.1 Sign the e-Form
3.2 Adding second/third signature(s)
3.3 Trust the certificate

Step 4
Submit signed e-Form

Commonly Encountered Problems

a Mandatory field checking before signing
b Version of Adobe Reader
c Missing attachment
d Indicate hard copy submission of coloured plan, if any

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Step 1. Open the Town Planning Board Website and select "On-Line Submission" on the left menu to enter the page
Step 2. Left click to save the e-Form to your local PC
Step 3. Choose "Save"
Step 4. Choose the destination folder and click "Save"
Step 5. You can now start filling the e-Form

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