Consideration of Representations and Comments in Respect of the

Draft Central District (Extension) Outline Zoning Plan No. S/H24/8

(TPB Paper No. 9491)




Appendix I


Schedule of Amendments to the draft Central District (Extension) OZP No. S/H24/7

Appendix II


Summary of Representations and Comments


Appendix IIIa


Extract of Minutes of HKTF meeting on 21.2.2013

Appendix IIIb


Extract of Minutes of C&WDC meeting on 21.3.2013

Appendix IIIc


Extract of Minutes of C&WDC meeting on 23.5.2013

Appendix IIId


Appendix IV


Extract of Minutes of LegCo Panel on Development meeting on 28.5.2013

Samples of representations made by LegCo members, political parties, local organisations and concern groups, and representations in standard format


Appendix V


Sample of comments made by LegCo members, political party and concern groups, and comments in standard wordings/format



Plan H-1


Photo of the former Tamar Basin


Plan H-2


Comparison of the zonings on the OZP Nos. S/H24/7 and S/H24/8


Plan H-3


Master Layout Plan of the Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbourfront (Extract)


Plan H-4


Location Plan


Plan H-5


Site Plan (with viewing points)


Plans H-6 to H-7


Site Photos