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The five-day week arrangement has been introduced into the civil service by phases since July 2006 to reduce work pressure and to improve the quality of family life, without impairing operational efficiency. Suitable government service units have now switched to the new work pattern. We believe the scheme has bolstered civil service morale and has had a positive impact on the community. While the Government has taken the lead, management in the public and private sectors will decide on their own whether to adopt a five-day week.

Basic principles

In taking forward this initiative, the Government has adhered to four basic principles:

  • no additional staffing resources;
  • no reduction in the conditioned hours of service of individual staff;
  • no reduction in emergency services; and
  • continued provision of some essential counter services on Saturdays.

The overall level and efficiency of government services will be maintained. Emergency and essential services will not be affected.

Enquiries Hotline and website

For enquiries about office hours, please call the 24-hour 1823 Citizen’s Easy Link or visit www.gov.hk/info/5day/.

Your views on five-day week are welcome. Please call the 1823 hotline, send a fax to 2760 1823 or email to tellme@1823.gov.hk.

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