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WSD launches Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings - Fresh Water (Management System)
     The Water Supplies Department (WSD) today (November 6) launched the Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water (Management System) (the Scheme) to encourage building owners and property management agents to devise and implement water safety plans for buildings to step up efforts in safeguarding the quality of drinking water at their properties.

     Tap water quality can be affected by various factors inherent to a building's internal plumbing systems, despite the fact that the water supplied by the WSD is safe for consumption, such as a lack of proper cleaning of the drinking water tank, a lack of proper maintenance of the internal plumbing systems causing contamination, or the use of non-compliant materials in the internal plumbing systems. Noting this, the WSD invited expert consultants to assist in developing a set of risk-management based guidelines and templates for the Water Safety Plan for Buildings (WSPB) in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). The guidelines and templates encompass the identification of potential contamination risks in internal plumbing systems and the formulation of corresponding control measures to safeguard the quality of drinking water.

     The WHO welcomed the WSD's action in devising these guidelines and templates, which are considered conducive to promoting the implementation of the WSPB. The guidelines and templates have been uploaded to a website jointly managed by the WHO and the International Water Association (www.wsportal.org/find-wsp-resources) for international reference.

     Based on these guidelines and templates, the WSD has consulted the Advisory Committee on Water Supplies and combined the WSPB with the existing Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water (Plus) (the Q-Plus Scheme) to establish the Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water (Management System), a new scheme to further promote the adoption of the WSPB by building owners and property management agents. The WSD has set out the following criteria for new applications/renewals for general buildings (such as residential or office buildings) and schools:
  • New applicants should devise their WSPBs based on the guidelines and templates that are available on the WSD's website (www.wsd.gov.hk), which should contain a general description of the building, water supply flow diagrams, a risk assessment summary table and a practised routine water safety checklist for general buildings or schools.
  • Those filing renewal applications should submit a completed routine water safety checklist and an internal audit report of general buildings or schools. Specifically, buildings or schools joining the Scheme should engage qualified persons to inspect annually their internal plumbing systems, such as a licensed plumber, building services engineer or building surveyor. All identified defects should be rectified in a timely way. In addition, the water tanks of their premises should be cleaned at least once every six months.

     The new Scheme, with its routine checking procedure and internal audit work, will improve the maintenance of the internal plumbing systems and safeguard water quality. Similar to the Q-Plus Scheme, the WSD will award certificates to buildings which meet the requirements and terms of the Scheme.

     Details and application procedures of the Scheme are available at the WSD’s website (www.wsd.gov.hk). The public can also enquire at the department’s 24-hour hotline (2824 5000) or by email (wsdinfo@wsd.gov.hk). The WSD also set up a dedicated help desk (Hotline: 2829 5696, Fax: 2877 4935, Email: wspb_help_desk@wsd.gov.hk) to provide technical guidance on WSPB to building owners and property management agents.
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